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Most gundog training books are aimed at those who hope to compete with their dogs in Gundog Working Tests and, perhaps, Field Trials.

The Gun's Dog, by contrast, has been written solely and specifically for the gun who wants no more than a steady and agreeable shooting companion.

Drawing on forty years picking-up experience of what guns want from their dogs Graham Cox sets out the bare essentials for educating a dog that you can be proud to take anywhere.

Due for publication during 2014; please contact us for further information.


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The Best of the Best

 The Best of The Best - IGL Retriever Championship 1909 — 2011The International Gundog League's Retriever Championship is the premier event of its kind in the world, so the title The Best of the Best is well chosen.

In 2009 the blue riband event reached its centenary and this book records and celebrates that hundred years.

It presents an authoritative account of the origins and development of the Championship and provides detailed descriptions and key images of the last twenty-eight years.. More...

Book Launch

Dryburgh Abbey HotelThe Best of the Best was launched on
26 November at the IGL Retriever Championship at Lauder, Scotland -
6pm at the Dryburgh Abbey Hotel, St Boswells, Melrose TD6 0RQ